Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below our frequently asked questions, if a question you have is not displayed below then please contact us through our phone number, contact page or email address.

How many dogs do you walk at one time?

Friendly Fours is insured to walk upto 6 dogs maximum at one time. Our groups are very carefully selected depending on breed, age, traits which will be discuss at your consultation.

Who will look after my pets? Do you have staff?

The two people looking after your pets will be James & Ashlea, we do not employee any members of staff at Friendly Fours as we found our clients entrust us personally to look after their pets.

Are you insured?

Absolutely, our insurance can be requested at our consultations.

How long are your walks?

Our dog walks are for 1 hour, this time is not included in picking up and dropping off so your dog will receive a full hour walking.

Do you walk un-neutered dogs / In season?

We do not offer walks to any dogs that are un-neutered or in season.

Do i need to be home for pickup & drop off?

No. If our clients are not able to be present at time of pick up and drop off then you will have to provide us with means (key) to collect and drop off the dogs.

How are my animals transported?

All animals will be collected from your home then taken to our specialised, ventilated and air-conditioned van. Our van has 7 days for all sizes of dogs, your dog will be secured in its our cage to be safely transported to our walking sites.

What happens in an emergency?

If we have an emergency we would offer first aid where possible, if it was beyond our means we would transfer your animal to the vets and ring you to inform you.

Our vet release form is completed at consultation and allows us to get treatment for your dog without you being present.

Can I specify a particular time for my dog to be walked?

Unfortunately due to limited spaces we may not be able to guarantee a particular time for dog walking, we will be offering multiple slots throughout the day.

Can I just have occasional walks?

Absolutely. Please ring us and we will try to help you.

Where is my key held?

All of our clients keys are secured in a locked security box with limited access to the Owner (James) & Co-Owner (Ashlea). All keys are tagged with the pets names and no information is kept with them.

How do I cancel?

As lined out in our terms and agreement, our cancellation period is 48 hours otherwise full fee’s apply.

What if my dog doesn't get on with other dogs in the group?

We try our best to pair up dogs accordingly but sometimes dogs may not get on, if this is the case we will inform you and change the group they walk in.

Do you offer services for aggressive dogs?

No. Due to our insurance and the safety of our other dogs we cannot provide services to dogs that have shown aggression to either human or dogs.

Dog dogs walk off lead?

We only walk dogs off lead once we have written consent from the owner and will only do so in a safe area.  We do ask for a minimum of a week on lead until they get to know us for safe recall.

Do you offer sitting / boarding?

Unfortunately this is a service we cannot accommodate at this time but will be looking into in the near future.

Do you offer sitting / boarding?

Unfortunately this is a service we cannot accommodate at this time but will be looking into in the near future.