Save Your Pet With CPR

As a dog walker I am very passionate about the well being of dogs not just in my control but in others.

You could be at home, out walking or it may not even be your dog when disaster strikes and your dog has stopped breathing .

The video above instructs you on the correct way to perform CPR on your animal which could potentially save their life!

Firstly you need to check the responsiveness of your dog, this can be done by stamping your feet while you approach and give the dog a shake.

Next you need to check the ABC, A – Airways, B – Breathing, C – Circulation.

Airways – Lift the chin so that the next and throat are in line with the body, open the mouth to check for anything that maybe blocking the throat.

Breathing – Watch and feel for the dogs chest to rest and fall by putting your hand on the dogs chest, put your head down to the dogs mouth to feel for breath.

Circulation – To check for circulation you have to feel for the pulse in the upper thigh.

If you cannot detect breathing or a pulse within 10 – 15 seconds start CPR.

Place one hand on another and lock them together, place the heel of your hand on your dog chest as pictured below.

For smaller dogs and cats, its best to place a hand underneath and a hand over and perform squeeze compression’s as pictures below

Compression’s need to be between 1/3 to 1/2 to create pressure to push blood through the body and 100 – 120 compression’s per a minute, this is the same rate as the song “Staying Alive”.

After 30 compression’s you need to give 2 rescue breathes.

Make sure the head and neck are still aligned and bring your head down to the dog, hold the dogs mouth close and make a tight seal around the dogs nose and breath through their nose to give the rescue breaths.

Repeat compression’s and rescue breaths as necessary.


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